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  • Traditional medicine recipes for acute and chronic prostatitis, using natural remedies to relieve inflammation of the prostate and relieve symptoms of the disease.
    29 May 2022
  • Best Medicines for Prostatitis and Adenomas - What is the most effective way to treat the disease? Inexpensive and effective medicines for treatment and prevention.
    23 May 2022
  • When are antibiotics effective for prostatitis? Differences in antibiotic therapy for acute and chronic prostatitis. Antibiotic drug group, contraindications and side effects.
    22 May 2022
  • Prostatitis can be successfully treated with special equipment. How to choose the right equipment and what to choose?
    10 January 2022
  • The characteristics of rapid treatment of prostatitis at home are generally recommended. Use folk remedies, effective recipes, gymnastics and massage.
    2 January 2022
  • How to treat male chronic prostatitis? As we all know, the treatment of chronic prostatitis is a long process. Consider the most effective ways to treat diseases: medicine, rectal massage, gymnastics and physical therapy, nutrition, folk remedies, surgery.
    9 December 2021
  • For prostatitis, traditional medicine is used as an adjunct to the main treatment. There are many remedies for treating prostatitis, and the best of them are collected in this article.
    13 November 2021
  • In most cases, prostatitis is treated at home. The doctor may prescribe special medicines. It is also recommended to eat a reasonable diet, do prostate massage and exercise.
    23 October 2021
  • Prostatitis is a disease that can cause serious complications if not treated properly. There are many ways to get rid of diseases: massage, physical therapy, various medications, etc.
    13 August 2021
  • Prostatitis pills: what are they and how do they work? Which is better: tablets or suppositories? In this article, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of different dosage forms in the treatment of chronic prostatitis.
    21 July 2021
  • Prevention of prostatitis: risk factors for the development of prostatitis, the role of physical activity in preventing prostatitis, hyperthermia, prostate massage, sex, nutrition, drugs, preventive examinations.
    12 June 2021
  • Prostatitis: Symptoms, causes, treatment with folk remedies and medicines, types of diseases. Prevent and exercise prostatitis.
    1 June 2021
  • Prostatitis is a prostatitis disease usually diagnosed in elderly men. The first or first symptoms of prostatitis are very specific.
    1 June 2021
  • How to get rid of male prostatitis, how to understand the causes of men suffering from prostatitis, prostatitis, to cure, eliminate the infection, do not get too cold, continue to sit, exercise can heal, cure, and eliminate other organ problems, this is the articlethe result of.
    30 December 2020
  • Pharmaceutical group for the treatment of male prostatitis and its use: immunostimulants, antispasmodics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, herbal medicines and animal products. Alternative treatment options for prostatitis.
    22 November 2020
  • What is chronic prostatitis in men: the causes, main manifestations and classification of the disease. Treatment methods: medicine, folk remedies and nutrition correction, surgery. prevention.
    9 October 2020
  • The type of medicine used to treat male prostatitis. Drug groups and their use.
    30 September 2020
  • Symptoms of acute bacterial prostatitis. Symptoms of chronic bacterial prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis is accompanied by symptoms of chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). There are no symptoms of asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis.
    21 August 2020
  • Any man can get prostatitis at any age. Prostatitis is one of the most uncomfortable diagnoses in men. Painful urination is considered the main symptom of developing prostatitis. The 2 main reasons are contagious and non-contagious.
    20 August 2020
  • What is prostatitisWho is sick with it? How does the disease manifest itself? Treatment of prostatitis. A few words about prevention.
    20 August 2020
  • Prostatitis in men symptoms, treatment, drugs, types of prostatitis. The first symptoms of prostatitis in men. Treatment of bacterial prostatitis in men. Treatment of congestive inflammation in prostatitis. Treatment of chronic prostatitis with folk remedies.
    20 August 2020